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Our strategy

Domty’s strategy is supported by three key pillars, namelyits strive to diversify its product portfolio, its ability to capitalize on its wide market reach, and most importantly its aim to drive stakeholder value for both its consumers and shareholders. 

Portfolio Diversification Strategy
Domty recognizes the need for innovation and product expansion to further its vision of extending its national and regional footprint. By applying a corporate strategy that monitors relevant emerging markets and need gaps in the industry, Domty is able to capitalize on potential opportunities to add to its products and introduce greater variety to the market. 

Capitalizing on Our Reach
Domty’s products enjoy a strong countrywide coverage not only in cities but also in rural areas where the main selling points are small shops and minimarkets. These small retailers comprise the bulk of Domty’s sales, and while the company’s cheese is the highest-selling of its products sold in hypermarkets and well-known supermarket chains, these key transactions represent only 7% of the manufacturer’s sales.

Creating New Value Propositions
Building new value propositions is one of Domty’s core strategies. We believe that creating sustainable value is primarily driven by continuously meeting and surpassing our consumers’ needs, a feat made possible by a commitment to quality and through our ability to cater to the different demands of our consumers and segmented groups.

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