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Having started with only two production lines for its white cheese and mozzarella productions, Domty, in a partnership that began in 2007 with TetraPak has increased its production lines to offer more than 200 SKU’s.

The company operates a well-invested, ISO-certified 6,200 m2 factory in Egypt, including 19 production lines with a combined annual capacity of more than 230,000 tons as of 2015 and equipment from leading international suppliers. The Company has historically invested in new production capacity to meet growing market demand for its products. Ongoing expansions will increase the company’s annual production capacity for carton pack cheese and juice, with plans underway to inaugurate a new, more technologically advanced production facility built over 20,000 m2. The new facility will enable Domty to further increase its production potential and satisfy its export expansion ambitions for the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Africa.

Domty also controls an extensive sales and distribution network on a national scale, including  a 7,500 square meter central warehouse adjacent to the factory, more than 30 additional warehouses, 97 distribution centers, a fleet of 618 distribution vehicles and a combined sales force of 873. 

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