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Domty recognizes that the quality of a company is directly correlated to the quality of its employees. For this reason, we strive to find the most competent work team for all positions at all levels. We welcome them to learn, and encourage them to engage in cross-department dialogue, so to keep them motivated. 


At Domty we value our employees for their:

Our employees are the cornerstone of the success that we enjoy at Domty. Teamwork is key, and in order for it to work it is imperative to trust each member of the team to assume responsibility and perform to the best of their abilities. 

Remaining open-minded is fundamental given that one of our core values is innovation. Using an approach that welcomes new ideas and encourages creative development in order to expand the variety of products offered ensures quality. 
• Being open to different solutions without any prejudgment welcomes a diverse portfolio.
• Viewing the innovation as an opportunity to expand our knowledge
• Integrating the new into the old in order to ensure full production potential is explored

Motivation is instrumental in ensuring employees perform to the best of their abilities. We strive to create a work environment where communications and dialogue are open and transparent, and where employees feel trusted to do the right thing. Believing in others helps them believe in themselves. 

Together Everyone Achieves More; the following highlights key components that drive successful teamwork:
• Ensuring supreme competency at all levels of operations
•  Welcoming dialogue so to collectively reach the best decision for any given crossroad
•  Building a positive and energizing work environment
•  Fostering a healthy work-life balance
•  Valuing diversity and to draw on all our different strengths, cultures, ideas, experiences and talents to achieve our mission.

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