Domty signed a cooperation with Magdy Yacoub Foundation


Domty signed a cooperation with Magdy Yacoub Foundation.


Believing in the importance of its role towards the Egyptian society and its social responsibility; Domty Company - the leading dairy company- signed a partnership agreement with Dr. Magdi Yacoub Foundation for the heart diseases in Aswan; where the company offered its products to the foundation with prices much lower than the products’ customary market prices, showing its appreciation to the humanitarian role carried out by the foundation toward the Egyptian society.

In this context, Mrs. Anissa Hassouna Essam, the Executive Director of Magdi Yacoub Foundation, confirmed her gratitude to this partnership with Domty Company; assuring that the quality assurance of the provided services by the foundation is our first concern and this also includes the meals that we offer to our patients. So this cooperation comes in the framework of our confidence in the company's name and the quality of its products offered to our patients.

For his part, Mr. Omar Damati, the founder of Domty Company, expressed his delight to gain the trust of Dr. Magdi Yacoub Foundation, stressing on the importance of this step to his company and to the role it seeks to play in the society it works within.

During the visit, Domty team was impressed by the efficiency of Dr. Magdi Yacoub Heart Hospital and the efficient team of resident doctors at the hospital; and the high level of technology for the medical devices, in addition to the distinctive spirit of the doctors in dealing with patients. Domty team has confirmed their support for the efforts of the hospital and appreciation for all the efforts made by resident doctors and nurses.
It should be noted that Dr. Magdi Yacoub center for heart disease abounds distinct administrative system with a special and sophisticated character, beside doctors with large experience; the hospital is administered in the majority by young doctors from the average age of between twenty and thirty years. In order to create the experience of young leaders and be able to continue the tender provided by senior doctors.

Domty team also spent a day with the children who are receiving treatments at the hospital and provided them with recreational activities and entertainment programs to relieve their pain.

It is worth mentioning that Domty Company - which was established in 1990 - aims to become the number one in the Egyptian market in the food industry and dairy production, and gain the confidence and trust of its customers through offering high-quality world-class products.


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